CEMCO Solid Urethane Barbell Set 20-110 lb Barbells (Straight or Curl) Barbells Sets

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Solid Steel Urethane Barbells (SB)

 *Double Welding inside and out and customized with your health club logo in center of barbells.

Solid Steel Barbells carry a lifetime guarantee against breakage. Featuring a 30mm, Hard Chrome Bar with a Medium Knurl. The Bar is press-fit into the steel head, chamfered and welded on the face of the slug and then fully machined. This unique INVISA-WELD™ process eliminates an inside weld, thus creating a stronger more resilient design. Solid Steel Barbells available 20-110x10 lb. increments. Cambered Bars available upon request.


> Fully machined 1018 Steel slugs
> 5 lb. = 4" Diameter Steel slug
> 10-20 lb. = 6" Diameter Steel slug
> 25-150 lb. = 8" Diameter Steel slug
> Bar size (Slug to slug) = 36.5"
> 100 lb. Steel slug = 3.5" Thick
> 120 lb. Steel slug = 4.25" Thick
> 150 lb. Steel slug = 5.4" Thick
> 30mm Bar machined from 1018 Steel Bar stock with Hard Chrome plating and a Diamond-cut, Positive Medium Knurl