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Personal Trainer Packages for Sale


PRICE: $19,000

When it comes to furnishing a center with affordable, durable and quality fitness machines, there are the reconditioned Personal Trainer Packages #2 for sale to choose. They come with strength, cardio and free weight machines that help users in achieving their fitness goals. Surely, they deserve to use any of the units included in the Personal Trainer Packages #2 for sale for faster fitness results they are looking for.

The reconditioned Personal Trainer Packages #2 for sale includes strength machines, such as the EWP DAP and EWP Smith Machine, cardio trainers, such as the Precor 956i Experience Treadmill and the Life Fitness 95ri Recumbent Bike and free weights, such as the EWP Pro Dumbbell Rack. Each of the pieces work based from a specific purpose.

For instance, the 45-degree hyperextension works to train the hyperextension muscles while the recumbent bike works to provide cardio training. For the free weights, the dumbbell rack, for instance, functions to store up to 10 pairs of dumbbells. Definitely, the refurbished Personal Trainer Packages #2 for sale come with a complete gym package every gym owner is looking to have for his training center.

Technical Specifications of the Personal Trainer Packages #2:

Every piece included in the used Personal Trainer Packages #2 for sale is designed and built for ruggedness; in fact, its selectorized machines are made with solid structural steel frame and tubing and its free weights are made with industrial-grade steel. Its cardio units are made with complete accessories and components, such as its large running surface, belt-drive system, HR monitors and consoles, among others.

Exercises to Do with the Personal Trainer Packages #2:

Depending on a user’s fitness goal, each of the selectorized unit functions to work specific muscle groups. Whether it is selectorized or free weight training a user is aiming to perform, there is a unit in the refurbished Personal Trainer Packages #2 for sale to assist him.




  • 0-90 EWP Bench x2
  • EWP 45 Degree Hyperextension
  • EWP Vertical Knee Raise with Pull Up
  • CAP Triceps Rope x2
  • Cap 28″ Nylon Single Handle x2
  • EWP Smith Machine



  • Precor 956i Experience Treadmill
  • Precor 546i Experience Elliptical Trainer
  • Life Fitness 95ri Recumbent Bike
  • First Degree Fitness Trident Challenge AR Rower’



  • EWP Pro Dumbbell Rack (10 pair)
  • Urethane Dumbbells 5-50lbs (10 pair)