Muscle-D Dual Combo Strength Circuit - 9 PC (Equipo de Gimnasio Mexico Guatemala)

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The Muscle-D Dual Line is the heavy duty space saving option that helps gyms, condos/co-ops, and hotels make the most of their space. With the ability to do 18 distinctive exercise movements with the compactness of only 9 machines you can't go wrong with this package offering.

Muscle D Dual Lat/Low Row Combo
Muscle D Dual Multi Press Combo
Muscle D Dual Leg Extension/Leg Curl Combo (or Leg Extension / Prone Leg Curl Combo)
Muscle D Dual Pec Deck/Rear Delt Combo
Muscle D Dual Leg Press/Calf raise Combo
Muscle D Dual Bicep/ Tricep Combo
Muscle D Dual Ab / Low Back
Muscle D Dual Inner/Outer Thigh Combo
Muscle D Dual Weight Assist Chin/ Dip Combo