Life Fitness 95Ti Treadmill Refurbished / Remanufactured Commercial Treadmill (FREE SHIPPING)

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Our Full Commercial Top-Of-The-Line Life Fitness 95Ti Treadmills are meticulously rebuilt by factory trained technicians to have the look, operation and reliability similar to that of a new machine.

Life Fitness 95Ti Treadmill Specifications and Features: 
  • Lifepulse and Polar telemetry heart rate monitoring systems.
  • 0-15% incline
  • 26 character message center
  • 0.5-12 mph
  • 5 interactive heart rate programs
  • Smart Stop system

    Performance Programs
  • Rapidworks service enhancements Maintenance is faster and easier with Auto Alert diagnostics that inform you to service needs and permanently record and date-stamp maintenance performed. Also includes an easy-access service panel, 30-minute belt and deck change, and a handy wax bag.
  • Powerful 4-HP AC Motor The most reliable on the market, with no brushes that can wear out. And it’s the only treadmill motor with a lifetime warranty.
  • Patented automatic wax lubrication system Everwax self-cleaning nozzle system waxes belt at regular intervals, extending belt and deck life.
  • Lifepulse Digital Heart Rate Monitoring Hand sensors located within the easy-to-grip Ergo bar for comfortable, accurate monitoring.
  • Smart stop system Safely stops the belt when it detects that a user steps off the deck.
  • 3 Accessory trays Centralized CD player holder integrated into the console, flanked by two convenient cup holders.

  • Dimensions: W:37" x L:83" x H:63.5"
  • Weight: 431lbs.

    Our treadmill remanufacturing process
    52 point remanufacturing process (Life Fitness TR9500HR NG Platinum & 95Ti Treadmills)
    1.Overlay Tray Assembly: Replaced
    2. Stop Key w/ Tether : Replaced
    3. Zone Decal Eng/Met: Replaced
    4. Heart Rate Decal Eng/Met: Replaced
    5. Decal (Short) : Replaced
    6. Decal (Long) : Replaced
    7. Striding Belt: Replaced
    8. Drive Belt: Replaced
    9. TECS-PAK (8) : Replaced
    10. Tinsel: Replaced
    11. Anti-Skid Pad: Replaced
    12. Deck: I /Re-waxed/ R (if needed) 
    13. Wax/ Lift PCB: Inspected/Cleaned/Tested
    14. Lift Motor: Inspected/Cleaned/Tested
    15. Motor Controller: Inspected/Cleaned/Tested
    16. Front & Rear Roller: I/C/T/R (bearings if needed) 
    17. Power Box: Inspected/Cleaned/Tested
    18. Limit Switch: Inspected/Cleaned/Tested
    19. Wax Pump: Inspected/Cleaned/Tested
    20. Wax Nozzle: Inspected/Cleaned/Tested
    21. RPM Sensor: Inspected/Cleaned/Tested
    22. Drive Motor: Inspected/Cleaned/Tested
    23. Assembly: Inspected/Cleaned/Tested
    24. Idler Assembly: Inspected/Cleaned/Tested
    25. Console PCB: Inspected/Tested
    26. Console Cable: Inspect /Test
    27. Polar Receiver: Inspect /Test
    28. Switch Cover w/ Tether: Inspected/Tested
    29. Wax Kit: Inspected/Cleaned/Filled
    30. End Cap: Inspected/Cleaned/Painted
    31. Console Assembly: Inspected/Cleaned/Painted
    32. Smart Stop Assembly: Inspected/Cleaned/Painted
    33. Handlebar w/ Electronics: Inspected/Cleaned/Painted
    34. Motor Cover: Inspected/Cleaned/Painted
    35. End Cap LT: Inspected/Cleaned/Painted
    36. End Cap RT: Inspected/Cleaned/Painted
    37. Roller Guard LT: Inspected/Cleaned/Painted
    38. Roller Guard RT: Inspected/Cleaned/Painted
    39. Access Panel: Inspected/Cleaned/Painted
    40. Front Cover: Inspected/Cleaned/Painted
    41. Cup Holder: Inspected/Cleaned/Painted
    42. Wheel: Inspected/Cleaned/Painted
    43. Leveler Assembly: Inspected/Cleaned/Painted
    44. Front Console Shell: Inspected/Cleaned/Painted
    45. Handlebar LT: Inspected/Cleaned/Painted
    46. Handlebar RT: Inspected/Cleaned/Painted
    47. Stop Switch: Inspected/Cleaned
    48. Line Cord: Inspected/Cleaned
    49. Handrail LT: Cleaned/Sandblasted/ Powder Coated
    50. Handrail RT: Cleaned/Sandblasted/ Powder Coated
    51. Frame: Cleaned/Sandblasted/ Powder Coated
    All Hardware: Replaced

    Machine includes owner or operational manual.

    Life Fitness 95Ti Treadmill Warranty:
    We stand fully behind every piece of fitness equipment we remanufacture with one of the longest warranties in the industry. Every CPO Refurbished / Remanufactured machine is covered with the following warranty:
  • On-sight / In-home labor (for continental U.S. customers only): 30 days
  • Any and all parts: 1 year
  • Treadmill drive motors: 2 years
  • Frame & Welds: Lifetime