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Remanufactured Cybex 530T Treadmill with TV (not shown)

The Cybex 530T Treadmill with its sleek new design and brand recognition is sure to please your members and add value to your gym. Gym owners love the Cybex 530T for its unique drive design that covers the belt edges which prevents dirt from entering the belt system and eliminating snags and fraying. The large easy to use console makes the Cybex 530T Treadmill a breeze to program and the Quick Start Mode lets your users enter a manual program with a single touch.

Cybex 530T Treadmill Features and Specifications:

  • Speed - 0.5 - 12 mph
  • Incline - 2% - 15%
  • Belt Size - 20" x 58"
  • 8 Workout Programs
  • HeartRate - Yes
  • Power - 120V
  • Max Weight - 400Lbs.

This Cybex 530T Treadmill is in excellent working condition and has been fully remanufactured. Our Remanufacturing & Refurbishing process is basically separated into four (4) stages from the time Smart Buy Fitness has initially tested, inspected and inventoried each and every unit that enters our facility.

  • Disassembly - Each unit is completely disassembled down to the bare frame including all wiring and harness assemblies. We check and test all parts as we remove them and note what needs to be replaced and ordered from the manufacturer or third-party (OEM) supplier.
  • Sand Blast/Powder Coating - Once we have completely disassembled the units, we then have them sand blasted to the original steel and then powder coated to your specific color. We use the latest technology for this process to eliminate any imperfections in the steel and prevent discolor or bubbling in the powder coat. This process is very important when completing the powder coating and sealing to prevent rust from accumulating and eventually eat through the steel.
  • Assembly - Assembly is also very important and is necessary to test all parts as they are placed back to their original place. Smart Buy Fitness will use only manufactured or OEM parts during this stage to ensure the best operation unless specific parts are not made specifically by the manufacturer. All electronics, wires, overlays, decals, operational decals, pin striping and all moving parts including bearings, belts, motors, bushings, rollers, cables, pulleys, upholstery and other main parts are replaced where necessary with manufacturer or OEM parts. This important stage is crucial and when completed correctly, a remanufactured unit is restored to the original and oftentimes even superior condition, as we ensure with all of our products here at Smart Buy Fitness.
  • Completion/Testing - This last stage is our final testing period where we detail and test every unit to ensure flawless operation upon arrival at its destination. The end result is typically a used machine that functions and looks like a brand new unit, but sells for much less.