Body Master, Flex Fitness, Precor Strength, and Cemco Full Gym Package

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Star Trac Free Weight Package
Abdominal Bench
Abdominal Crunch
2 Adjustable Benches
Angled Leg Press
Barbell Rack
2 Flat Benches
Hyper Extension
2 Multi Adjustable Benches
2 Olympic Flat Benches
Olympic Incline Bench
Olympic Military Bench
Seated Calf
Smith Machine
Squat Rack
2 Tricep Seats
2 Dumbbell Rack 10 Pair

Body Master Selectorized Machines
Back Extension
Bicep Curl
Chest Press
Chin Dip Assist
Hip Abductor
Hip Adductor
Lat Pulldown
Leg Curl
Leg Extension
Leg Press
Rear Delt Pec
Rotary Calf
Tricep Extension

5 Precor Experience Treadmill
5 Precor Experience Ellpitical
11 Star Trac Pro Spinners
3 Stempill 7000
5 Life Fitness 95Ri Recumbent Bikes

45lb (40)
35lb (16)
25lb (22)
10lb (16)
5lb (12)
2.5lb (12

Mancuernas 5-100lb Pro Style Rubber
Barbell Set 20-110lb *Straight and Curl)

5 barras olimpicas 7pies
2 barras Curl