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5-100 Solid Steel Urethane Dumbbell Set- Cemco Fitness Free Weight Products

5-50 lb, 5-75lb, 55-100lb, 5-100lb Urethane Dumbbell Sets available for immediate shipping from Los Angeles, CA!



Urethane Encased Solid Steel Dumbbells (SD-U)


Urethane Encased Solid Steel Dumbbells carry a lifetime guarantee against breakage. Featuring a 32mm, HARD Chrome Handle with a Medium Knurl. The handles are press-fit into the steel head, chamfered and welded on the face of the slug and then fully machined. This unique INVISA-WELD™ process eliminates an inside weld, thus creating a stronger more resilient design. Urethane Encased Solid Steel Dumbbells available 5-150x5 lb. increments and 7.5-52.5x5 lb. increments.


> High Grade CPU Urethane
> Our unique INVISA-WELD™ process
> Aluminum weight stickers with Industrial-Strength adhesive
> 32mm, Hard Chrome, Medium Knurl Handle
Lifetime Guarantee against breakage

> Fully Machined 1018 Steel slugs
> 5 lb. = 4" Diameter Steel slug
> 10-20 lb. = 6" Diameter Steel slug
> 25-150 lb. = 8" Diameter Steel slug
> Handle size (Slug to slug) = 5.75"
> 32mm Handle machined from 1045 Steel bar stock with Hard Chrome plating and a Diamond-cut, Positive Medium Knurl